The curriculum for KAIST-MIP looks too tight and intense. Do we have to complete the degree within two years?

  • Date 2020.10.15
  • Hit 33
It is not just saying, but is a fact that KAIST properly educates students.
We believe that adjusting the quantity and quality of education according to the students’ individual situations is not a desirable direction, as practical education for intellectual property is directly connected to the students’ current and future careers.
The curriculum is inevitably intense, as the professors need to teach and students need to learn three arenas of law, technology and management, and two years is not at all long enough.
To become an esteemed expert after graduation, students must develop strong internal stability.
However, we are aware of, and thus cannot ignore the burden on students having to pursue their careers and study for the degree in parallel, so we don’t require all students to complete KAIST-MIP within two years.