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타이틀이 들어갑니다. Production of high-quality field-based practical experts in intellectual property demanded by various firms and organizations.

○ Cultivating professionals who can expand competitiveness in intellectual property to strategic industries, which is now limited to semiconductor and mobile phone industries
○ Cultivating experts with international business skills to effectively defend Korean firms expanding and penetrating into abroad markets

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타이틀이 들어갑니다. Established platform to cultivate practical experts in intellectual property with international practical competitiveness

○ Expansion of English lectures to aid students to work in the international stage after graduation
○ International program to raise global experts (Inviting renowned lecturers from prestigious law schools, business schools, government agencies and firms in the US)

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타이틀이 들어갑니다. Professors with rich practical experience in intellectual property rights

○ Experts who accumulated practical field experiences in intellectual property rights of over 15 years in organizations such as the intellectual property office • the patent court • small & medium business corporation, firms including Samsung • LG, patent/law offices such as Kim & Chang • BKL • Firstlaw are recruited to form the best pool of professors both in and out of Korea.
○ Engineering and business are taken charge of by professors of KAIST, and professional faculty of professors take charge of law and patent
○ Invitation of renowned faculty from Northwestern University and Sunstein Kann Murphy & Timbers LLP in the US, and Kim & Chang in Korea to nurture students’ international business skills

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타이틀이 들어갑니다. Well-rounded curriculum to develop engineering, legal and business skills

○Close educational cooperation with the government, firms and law firms to support professors, for educational workshops and student admission.

Educational goals pursued by KAIST-MIP

Internationalized program to produce global experts
Dual degree program with LLM program at Northwestern University (upon students’ choice)

- KAIST-MIP students can apply for dual degree with LLM program at Northwestern University
- 4 subjects per year, for two years; total of 8 subjects must be completed
- Production of law and management experts with international competitiveness
- Benefits:
   ① Credits also transfer as credits from KAIST-MIP
   ② Joint degrees of KAIST-MIP and LLM program at Northwestern University are conferred at graduation (separate tuition fees apply)