Dates for Application & Eligibility

Please be prompt with your application, as your documents must arrive before the submission due date & time.

Online ApplicationWednesday, 10. 07. 2020. 10:00 – Monday, 10. 19. 2020. 17:30Online Application
Application fees must be paid within the deadline. No late applications are accepted
Application Document SubmissionAll documents must arrive before Wednesday, 10. 21. 2020. 18:00 (including postal applications)KAIST Daejeon Campus Graduate Admissions Team (Room 110, 1st floor, E16)After online application, you must visit the graduate admissions office with your documents (hard copy of your online application, transcripts, etc.), or send through postal service
Document Submission Confirmation PeriodWednesday 10. 07. 2020 – Wednesday 10. 21. 2020KAIST Application System
( > Doc. Submission > Confirm Final Submissions)
The applicants must confirm the arrival of the documents themselves after sending their documents. (The university does not contact applicants individually)
Announcement of Results of the 1st Stage InterviewsThursday 11. 12. 2020, After 14:00
Monday 11. 16. 2020 – Friday 11. 20. 2020
KAIST Application System
( > Result Announcement)
Announced with the results of the first stage
Individual applicants must check for their interview details (depends on the applied department / program)
Announcement of Final ResultsThursday 12. 03. 2020, After 14:00KAIST Application System
( > Result Announcement)

*Schedules are subject to change. All documents must be submitted to KAIST Daejeon Campus (291, Daehak-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Postal code 34141)



  1. · IPR officers at firms, labs or organizations inside and outside of Korea
  2. · Patent attorney/lawyer/Patent litigation officers
  3. · Engineer majors who are working in, or who wish to work in the field of patents or R&D
  4. · Former/current lawyers, prosecutors or judges who want to work as patent attorneys
  5. · Those who wish to work in the field of IPR management or strategy and technology protection in technology-related industries, organizations (including research organizations) or law firms

Recruitment Criteria

  1. General Scholarship : Applicants who have recommendations from representatives of institutions supporting the applicants’ tuition fee

(However, if the applicant pays the tuition fee by himself or herself, the applicant does not
need a recommendation from the institution’s representative)



All students are given 50% scholarships (reduction)

Tuition Fee (A)Scholarships (B)Student’s Payment (A-B)Notes
9,000,000(Won)4,500,000(Won)4,500,000(Won)Scholarship of 50% Reduction on Tuition Fee

  1. · Entrance Fee : Determined by KAIST (Paid once upon entrance)
  2. · Criteria for receiving scholarships : Students whose GPA of the previous semester (Spring or Fall semester) is below 3.0 disqualify for scholarships
  3. · For additional semesters : 15% of the tuition fee (1,350,000 KRW)
  4. · Civil servants : 75% reduction on tuition fee – students pay 2,250,000 KRW per semester (students must submit recommendation letters from their organization’s presidents)
    • - The academic year consists of three semesters (spring, summer, fall), but there is no tuition fee for the summer semester.

- Payments are made twice a year, and four times during the two years of masters program  (*However, early graduates must pay the whole two-years’ worth of tuition fee of the entire program.)