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In order to build the creative and fair society, the KAIST-IP strives to provide the students with an excellent research and learning forum to promote their keen understandingof complex intellectual property issues. To achieve this goal, it will maintain the highest standards of research and education, vigorously facilitating intellectual exchanges amongstudents, distinguished academicians, skilled practitioners, and business leaders.

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The true practical masters program of intellectual property starts now.
KAIST-MIP nurtures global IP experts through paving the way for an integrated discipline of science and technology, law and management, and aims to become a world-class IP masters program by presenting excellent research outcomes.

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타이틀이 들어갑니다. Production of high-quality field-based practical experts in intellectual property demanded by various firms and organizations.

○ Cultivating professionals who can expand competitiveness in intellectual property to strategic industries, which is now limited to semiconductor and mobile phone industries
○ Cultivating experts with international business skills to effectively defend Korean firms expanding and penetrating into abroad markets

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타이틀이 들어갑니다. Established platform to cultivate practical experts in intellectual property with international practical competitiveness

○ Expansion of English lectures to aid students to work in the international stage after graduation
○ International program to raise global experts
○ Inviting renowned lecturers from prestigious law schools, business schools, government agencies and firms in the US

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타이틀이 들어갑니다. Professors with rich practical experience in intellectual property rights

○ Experts who accumulated practical field experiences in intellectual property rights of over 15 years in organizations such as the intellectual property office • the patent court • small & medium business corporation, firms including Samsung • LG, patent/law offices such as Kim & Chang • BKL • Firstlaw are recruited to form the best pool of professors both in and out of Korea.
○ Engineering and business are taken charge of by professors of KAIST, and professional faculty of professors take charge of law and patent
○ Invitation of renowned faculty from Northwestern University and Sunstein Kann Murphy & Timbers LLP in the US, and Kim & Chang in Korea to nurture students’ international business skills

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타이틀이 들어갑니다. Well-rounded curriculum to develop engineering, legal and business skills

○ Close educational cooperation with the government, firms and law firms to support professors, for educational workshops and student admission.

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타이틀이 들어갑니다. KAIST-MIP nurtures global IP experts through research and education in integrated discipline embracing technology, law and management.

- Prosecution experts who create high values through strategic intellectual property prosecution
- Litigation experts who protect firms’ and the nation’s assets in global IP disputes
- Management experts who create high added value through strategic management of IP portfolio

타이틀이 들어갑니다. Differentiation of KAIST-MIP

타이틀이 들어갑니다. Educational Goals of KAIST-MIP


타이틀이 들어갑니다. The Optimal Program with Curriculums for Future :

- IP Prosecution Expert who takes charge of R&D and IP prosecution in businesses
- IP Litigation Expert who resolves domestic and international IP negotiations and disputes
- IP Management Expert who creates added values through strategic development, commercialization and enforcement of IP

타이틀이 들어갑니다. Systematic and Regular Forums and Seminars Held

- Organization of Curriculum Review Committee
Curriculum review committee has been established with lawyers specialized in IPR, executives and leaders from related industries and businesses with practical experiences as members, in order to review the curriculum to its highest standards
- Current IP Trends & Issues Forum Held
For developing the most updated IPR educational contents
- Seminars held to analyze international IP trends in collaboration with WIPO, the Korean Intellectual Property Office, universities abroad, renowned law firms, etc.