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타이틀이 들어갑니다.01. Intellectual property is the key weapon of the global economic war.

Intellectual property disputes – the global war of the 21st century transcending national borders – are taking place throughout the global market, including the USA and European nations. The patent dispute between Apple and Samsung is only the beginning. As IT technology is being applied in diverse industries, there will continue to be lawsuits of astronomical scale for various intellectual property rights including patents, brands, design, copyright and trade secrets suited for products. Most firms in South Korea are exposed to risks of intellectual property war, without proper weapons or expertise.

02.Intellectual property is also the seed of the creative economy.

Intellectual property is the currency that expresses the values in created work and technology, especially in the current era of creative economy where creativity in science, technology, culture and the arts lead economic activities. The values of intellectual property have become the core standards in achieving M&A. Furthermore, intellectual property itself is now the core purpose of financial transactions.

Recently, the U.S. government has put strong breaks on non-practicing entities (NPEs) perpetrating abuse of rights, and started to pursue policies that encourage creativity and innovation. It is possible to infer that future intellectual property practices will embrace not only the traditional protection of rights, but also investment in intellectual properties, turning them into business, and finance and exchange involving IP rights as medium.
Investment in professional education in intellectual property is the best strategy to prepare for the future.
Gaining competitive advantages in the global IP market depends on the capabilities of IP experts in the protection of IPR, creation and application of value, turning them into business and financing within the law. Invest in IP education now. Cultivate and invest in talents with the potential to become the future chief intellectual property officer (CIPO). Your small investment today will bring you a tremendous value in the near future. Professional education in IP is the best field to invest for firms willing to make the best out of the creative economic environment, and to prepare for global IP war.

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타이틀이 들어갑니다. 03. KAIST Master of Intellectual Property with professional IP education experience will support you.

The Master of Intellectual Property is determined to serve the nation in the era of global economic war, and to support its sustainable growth. Since the opening of the program in 2010, it has attracted practical workforce numbering 300, including those from industries, laboratories, courts, prosecution, law firm, patent attorney’s offices and universities and established a platform to nurture professional capabilities. KAIST Master of Intellectual Property curriculum relies on world-renowned educational research infrastructure and prestigious professors in the field of IT, BT, NT, ET and convergence technology to provide domain-specific education in patent, brand, design, copyrights and trade secrets. The program has developed to pursue education concerning all stages of the IP life cycle which involves prosecution, litigation and management, and laws and regulations regarding intellectual property, including those of the US market, the largest market in the world. It has also emphasized the integration of education in law, technology and education throughout the course of its development, and is continually doing so through the collaboration of bright students and professors to develop professional educational capabilities.
In the 21st century; the era of global economic war and creative economy, intellectual property experts are the most valuable experts. Invest your time and effort in KAIST Master of Intellectual Property, the global platform for science and technology education and research. If you know the true values of intellectual properties, do not postpone to take the opportunity to develop professional capabilities in intellectual property. KAIST Master of Intellectual Property will maximize your investment outcome. This is the best future strategy.