Does KAIST-MIP study intellectual property issues within Korea, or international intellectual property issues?

  • Date 2020.10.15
  • Hit 33
Although South Korea is an economically developed country that ranks 14th in the world economy, but it is at the same time a small economy with population size smaller than 45 million. The amounts of compensations paid for intellectual property disputes of giant companies are also not as large.
Most intellectual property disputes of large scale of companies in Japan, the second strongest nation in intellectual property, and global companies of South Korea such as Samsung and LG, are taking place in the U.S. The reasons why such legal disputes are focused in the U.S. is of course because it is a battlefield where companies conflict to capture shares of the U.S. market, the biggest market in the world, and because the compensations decided by U.S. courts amount astronomical values. Therefore, the KAIST-MIP curriculum focuses on practical international intellectual property centered around the U.S.
Moreover, the curriculum is organized so that it doesn’t miss out on intellectual property in the EU, Japan and China, and intellectual property issues within Korea, which forms the basis of understanding the international IP practice.
Our professors are veterans of Korean, and international IP practice. Our lecture notes and textbooks are taken from those used in American and European field practice.