What is the trend of practical education in intellectual property like in developed nations?

  • Date 2020.10.15
  • Hit 31
Although the history of professional intellectual property doesn’t date back a long time, successful professional IP programs are being introduced in the U.S., Japan and Europe.
In many cases, such programs are run as a part of law schools, and IP-related degrees and subjects are growing in various engineering and business universities.

KAIST-MIP’s full time and part time professors are comprised of lawyers/patent attorneys/IP officers from top Korean law firms (e.g. Kim & Chang, BKL, Firstlaw, HMP Law) and companies (e.g. Samsung & LG), and most professors majored in related fields in prestigious IP programs and law schools abroad. Students of KAIST-MIP can be taught advanced and professional knowledge and skills through our prestigious faculty, without having to invest too much time and resource or move far away from their work and family.